ProCoMeter & Potentiostat


The ProCoMeter is an instrument for quality testing a coating or paint on a metal structure.

Does your coating need replacing now or scheduling for replacement in future years?  Imagine your maintenance program scheduling an oil tank, bridge, ship, pipeline,  building, museum artefact, for repainting/recoating.  Then imagine how much money you can save by testing the coating and finding it does not need recoating anytime in the next 10 years.  Your pipeline/bridge/building/tank has just been recoated and you have to sign off the work done by the contractor, not knowing whether a quality coating has been applied.  Now you can check the quality of the coating using the ProCoMeter.




Key Features

 - The ProCoMeter uses the electrochemical noise technique and this technique has been harnessed to provide valuable and accurate results.

- Non-destructive equipment designed to determine the status of corrosion of a protective coating

- Portable Electrochemical Noise Measurement meter.

- Creates graphs of current and voltage with time

- Details the electrochemical nosie resistance value (RN) and spectral noise resistance (Rsn)

- Data can be viewed as linear or polynomial regression.



Key Features

- When the Potentiostat is connected to the ProCoMeter it can assess the corrosive status of a metallic structure under an insulated coating.

- The Potentiostat with the DCVG Ltd ProCoMeter can be used to assess the protective coating condition on pipelines, bridges, lampposts, aircrafts, trains, buses, cars, artefacts/relics, ships, bridges, trains, trams, etc.

- Voltage range: -/+2.5V.

- Voltage accuracy: 0.1mV.

- Current measurement capability: -/+ 10µA to 15mA.

- Battery level indication.

- Battery charging indication.

- External voltage measurement point, electrometer isolated differential outputs for data acquisition.