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Assessing Effectiveness of Corrosion Protection and Detecting Coating Faults

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For what he has done and brought to the world of corrosion & to his life dedicated to advancing others.

He believed in DCVG and tirelessly took it to industry and got it accepted worldwide. We now pay thanks for all he did for others.



Our Products

We offer equipment that are used to gather information from pipelines these are called DCVG, CIPS, Soil Resistivity, Smart Interrupters and Data Loggers. View our equipment for more info.

Our Products



We offer 4 levels of training, starting with the basic training at level 1 and finishing with expert at level 4 for more information about the types of training we do please visit the training page.



Our services

We supply pipeline survey equipment to 71 different countries around the world, This equipment is used to detect damage or corrosion to pipelines, find out more on our services page.

Our Services

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CORROSION 2018: April 15, and continue through Thursday, April 19


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