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DC Voltage Gradient Technology & Supply Ltd.

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DCVG Ltd. 2010

DC Voltage Gradient Technology and Supply Ltd. is the worlds leading company in DC Voltage Gradient Technology with very active research into the technology and the design and manufacturing of DCVG and CIPS survey instruments.

The original inventor of the DCVG technique way back in the early 80s was an ex Telecom engineer, John Mulvany. John worked extensively with Dr. John Leeds of DCVG Ltd. in the early 80s in developing and proving the technology through hundreds of Km of survey and more than 1000 excavations. DCVG Ltd. began manufacturing advanced DCVG equipment in UK in 1994 and has supplied equipment to more than 55 countries around the world with some companies having more than 20 sets.

DCVG Ltd. is also market leader in running Training Courses in DCVG Technology Transfer of survey techniques so companies can do their own surveying. In this respect many companies competitive to the PIM/DCVG/APRT Group in field surveying actually use our equipment.

The DCVG, PIM, APRT Group is...

In United Kingdom.
Pipeline Integrity Management Ltd.
A Pipeline Surveying and Software Development Consultancy

Active Pipeline Refurbishment Technologies Ltd
A Pipeline Engineering, Surveying and Software Development Consultancy.

Integrity Management Software Ltd.
Software development.

DC Voltage Gradient Technology and Supply Ltd
A Pipeline Survey Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier.

The Group is dedicated to the provision of high quality services supported by continual research into the technologies and services it provides so that it can offer the most advanced pipeline integrity management activities to its many clients for use in the ECDA concept

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